At What Point Is Your Baby Too Fat?

Baby Fat

Most babies have some baby fat which is nothing to be concerned about. In fact almost all cases of baby body fat is fine if you are breast feeding. But parents do get concerned and can often start looking at options as to deal with the baby body fat. If you are concerned about your baby’s weight or your baby looks like he or she is carrying a lot more fat than other babies, then it’s probably a good idea to go see your baby’s regular doctor. This will take the guess work out of your baby’s health. This way you will know for sure if there is an issue that needs to be addressed or if it is just a normal part of being a baby.

With body image such an important thing these days, this can also extend to our baby’s. Not that they care about being a little overweight, but parents are feeling judged about it instead. A baby’s weight is a growing topic and more people are becoming concerned that their baby is ‘too fat’. In most cases, the parents are just worrying about nothing as long as they are breast feeding or are giving their child a healthy diet. However, if you think that your baby’s eating a healthy diet but it still overweight, that is probably the time to go to your doctor.

Not all babies grow and put on weight at the same time, so your baby may look a lot fatter than other babies their age. The cause could be a number of reasons such as your baby is developing earlier or faster than some other babies. It is very possible that your baby’s size will be very similar to other babies in a few months after a growth spurt.

When you take your baby to the doctor for a regular check up, the doctor measures all aspects of the baby including height, weight, and BMI and will compare your baby to other babies of the same age and sex. If you think your baby is too fat, don’t be putting them on a diet with the latest and ‘greatest’ diet tricks such as a low carb diet, paleo diet, or meal replacement shakes. Breast milk is far better for the baby’s health. Remember, babies need a diet which is high in fat to help them grow fit and healthy.

Want some tips to help prevent excess baby fat? Try these out. Breast feed as long as possible within reason, don’t feed your baby things such as juices or unhealthy shakes, and finally, try to maintain your weight during pregnancy. And remember, your baby is starting to develop during pregnancy, this means that it is very important that during pregnancy you don’t eat junk food or sodas, drink alcohol, smoke, or do drugs.

5 Natural Snacks You Can Eat On The Go

green apple

More and more people are now on the go, traveling from one place to another, finishing up one errand after another. When things get too busy, you may not have enough time to line up at some store to get your snacks. Going to a fast food restaurant may not even be a healthy option. What you can do is prepare and take with you healthy and natural snacks that you can eat while you are on the go. Here are a few ideas:


It can be peanuts, almonds, cashews or whatever kind of nut you prefer. This helps stabilize your sugar level and keeps you feeling full for long periods of time.

Homemade Protein Snack Bars

These are not just pre or post workout snacks. You can throw a couple of these in your bag if you want to eat a quick snack. There are a lot of protein bars in the market nowadays but the beauty of making your own protein bars is that you are able to control the process of making the protein bars and the ingredients you include in this energy food. This will surely give you the protein, fiber and energy that you need.


Apples are great alternative if you are craving for something sweet. It is low in calories and high in fiber. It also helps in managing your blood sugar.

Trail Mix

Trail mix is a combination of dried fruits and nuts. This is a perfect snack to help you maintain your energy as you go through your day-to-day activities.

Whole Wheat Pretzels

Pretzels are packed with fiber, folate, zinc and iron. It also contains carbohydrates that will help fuel you up to get you through your day. Snack on pretzels instead of your usual tortilla chips because they contain less calories. Just make sure that you check the amount of salt in the pretzels that you take with you as a snack.

5 Tips For Healthy Skin On Your Face


Nothing is more beautiful than having healthy skin. Sometimes you don’t even need expensive facial products. All you need to do is go back to the basics of facial skin care. Most often, unhealthy skin is caused by lack of hydration, rest, exercise, bad lifestyle choices or poor skincare routine. These can be addressed and can be corrected if you really want to have a healthy skin.

First, wash your face. This is necessary when you wake up in the morning and most especially before you go to bed at night. You have to remember that all through the day you go through all your errands and your tasks and all these dirt and make-up could clog your skin pores. If you do not wash your face then you will most likely wake up with a huge pimple on your face.

Second, use minimal amount of make up. Make-ups do clog your skin. Give your skin a chance to breathe and instead save make-ups for special occasion. When the time comes that you really need to wear one, make sure that all these are properly removed before going to bed.

Third, use sunscreen. We’ve all heard this several times. The rays of the sun can be harmful and could cause skin aging. Worse thing that could happen is you will have skin cancer. Just a little protection goes a long way.

Fourth, exfoliate. Exfoliating twice a week means getting rid of all the dead cells on your face. This will clear up your skin will make it appear smoother.

Lastly, always moisturize. All that cleaning and scrubbing will strip the oil from your face. A good moisturizer will keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

Follow a skincare routine religiously and make healthy lifestyle choices. You can also use some of these methods for the rest of your body to help prevent stretchmarks. Ditch smoking and drinking and spend time on physical activities instead. You will notice the change in your skin health in no time.