Tips To Maximize Your Next Workout


In a busy world, you only have a short period to spend stretching your muscles and shedding off excess fats. You have been working out for quite some time but you observed lately that your routine and the result of your exercising have somehow plateaued. Getting into the same workout program seems to appear monotonous, repetitive and boring. It’s the same activity again and again.

With limited period that you can spend on exercise, how do you make the most of it and bring your A-game? It is about time to up your ante and level it up by maximizing your next workout session.

Make a Game Plan and Map Your Exercise

To make the most of time constraints, cut down on other activities not related to your exercise. Without you being conscious of it, you waste precious time chatting with people in the gym or wandering about. If you have a ready plan on what you are going to do and the time you need to spend on each exercise, you can have a more regulated flow.

Warm Up Going to the Gym

You probably spend more time on traffic going to and coming from the gym than the time you are actually in it. You can walk or bike going to the gym or if it is a bit far and you need to commute, get off a few stops ahead and walk your way towards it. That is managing time well and making the most out of your situation.

Exercise Different Muscle Groups

Strive to do exercises that will target your body’s various muscle groups. You can combine movements like squats, presses and lunges to work multiple joints and muscles at the same time.

Watch Your Rest Time

Limit your rest period and keep your eye on the clock. While taking a rest, do some low intensity actions so that you keep your movement going.

Get Into Intervals

You can interchange from high intensity to low intensity training. Get into aerobics, start at a steady pace then increase grade, speed and resistance after a few minutes. Switch from one into the other every three minutes or so by repeating the procedure four or five times.