Top 5 Ways to Lose Weight

meal replacement shakes

Who hasn’t found themselves wishing they could drop a few pounds? When the waistline of your jeans has grown tighter, and you can’t seem to squeeze into your favorite button-down shirts anymore, it’s time to turn to the endless wealth of tricks and methods to lose that extra weight. Although there are theories, diets, and tactics everywhere, there are certain ways to lose weight that are tried and true – pain-free methods that don’t fail, as long as you stick with them. Here are the five best ways to lose weight, without making drastic lifestyle changes.

Lighten Your Favorite Foods

What most of us hate about starting a diet is that we have to give up all of the fattening, sugary foods we love so much. No snacks, no desserts, no cheesy, fried, or oily meals. However, dieting doesn’t have to be about giving up – you can lose weight more easily by making simple ingredient swaps. Instead of cutting out entire foods, cut the fat by using healthy ingredients while cooking. For example, top your homemade pizzas with reduced-fat cheese, or use Greek yogurt in place of sour cream. You won’t even notice how healthy you’re eating.

Get Active

If you struggle to get moving and dive into a workout routine, don’t – working out doesn’t have to be a part of your weight loss plan. Exercising is not only amazing for our health, there are also other benefits such as an improvement in your skin health. Many of us fear rigorous workouts, and they aren’t for everyone. Instead of focusing on sweating through a spin or cardio class, make your goal to move every day. Don’t grab weights; climb on your bike instead and do a few laps around your neighborhood. Washing your car over the weekend, or play a game of catch in the yard. All of these activities count as “working out” and will help you move enough to shed weight.

Meal Replacement Shakes

Another healthy way to change your eating habits and lose weight is to swap one meal each day with a shake. A meal replacement shake, made with fruit, vegetables, and protein, offers the healthy foods you need to stave off hunger and reduce your calorie intake. And they’re effective, too – medical researchers in Australia found that meal replacement shakes are as effective as a carefully structured diet for those looking to lose weight. These shakes are easy to prepare, as you can blend them up quickly each day, or even choose a pre-made variety from a local store.

Stay Hydrated

There’s great value in drinking water – those who drink a glass of water before every meal eat less, and in turn lose weight more than those who skip water. When your body is hydrated, you crave food less and feel fuller, helping you to eat fewer calories. Whenever you feel like snacking, grab a glass of water and reevaluate after a few minutes.
Trick Your Brain with New Sizes

Finally, an easy way to keep your diet on track and prevent yourself from eating far too much of something unhealthy (yet delicious) is to trick yourself. When you place food on a smaller plate, your brain believes that you’re eating a huge amount of food – yet when you place the same amount on a large plate, the empty white spaces of the plate make your brain believe you have room for more. By choosing to eat off of salad plates, you’ll feel as though you ate more, and you’ll walk away satisfied even with a smaller serving. Try using smaller cups, bowls, and even silverware to trick yourself into thinking you’re eating a ton without actually doing so.